marraskuuta 16, 2007

Went to town to buy "grün & blau"

Since I have already spent time here today and there is still much to do this evening... Just letting you know that I am on my way to Venice tomorrow. Without the computer or any intention to pay 5 euros for the pleasure of spending an hour in the internet. I'll be back late Tuesday evening so I probably won't find my way here before Wednesday.

Now I need to eat, clean up, pack and write. Or possibly eat, write, clean up and pack. Did I mention that I got nearly three pages written yesterday? Such good flow. And I'm still kind of excited about the article this morning. It was fun to read and it made me reflect on what was written. Imagine if work could always be like that. If there would be books and articles that one actually wants to read; things that one looks forward to finding out... It sounds so exciting, makes life sound exciting. Even work, which takes such an insane amount of time, would be part of living, not something that just eats up your life. That would change everything.

Life is good. Yep. Now I will go eat and write.

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