marraskuuta 05, 2007

Gosh, it's 8 already

I had no internet connection yesterday. Completely dead. Not a beep. Or rather institute related beeps, since I could access their homepage, but that could hardly keep me entertained. Wasn't that something of a crisis?

Yes, it was. A boring day. Life would be very boring, if there was no media that requires some sort of interaction. I had to start a new book even though I had planned to just read Miller for entertainment. But yesterday was an emergency and I needed some total nonsense.

I was still on a crappy mood this morning and only the return of the net connection noonish restored the good spirits. I prepared lunch and then sat down to finally get started with the paper for the Monday colloquium. Only two weeks to go, but I got to a fine start today. In fact I think I managed nearly five pages. Yes, indeed. Not a bad start at all. I even figured out a couple of things that I can add to the dissy. Let's see what I can come up with tomorrow, when I get to the argumentation stuff. Since, after all, that is what I was supposed to be talking about.

Oh, and if I disappear again, it is because my computer is a one frigging dimwit. It keeps shutting down, doesn't like my headset, has taken to freezing up... At least it hasn't eaten any files yet, but I wouldn't put it past it.

Currently listening to: Runrig - Loch Lomond

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