marraskuuta 12, 2007

Candles are nice

The horizon is porkyish pink again and the trees from my window look beautiful. It is early to be writing, but I don't think I can bring myself to start working anymore.

I had lunch with I today. She was in town to interview some lawyer for her dissertation and we met before that. Fun, fun.

I've been wondering now for a couple of days how often one needs to meet up with people in order to be content. Once a month is not enough - at least on a long run - but if circumstances were otherwise optimal, would once a week suffice? As in if one was living in the middle of a forest, how often would one have to emerge from the wilderness to still prefer it to the city.

That is the question. Or one of them anyway. One can of course also turn the question around and ask what would need to happen, so that one would prefer the city to the wilderness.

Well, I can't solve that today anyway, so I'll just do some writing.

Currently listening to: Viikate - Iltasoitto

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