marraskuuta 11, 2007


The sun has set nearly 45 minutes ago and the last bit of horizon is turning from red to porkyish pink. Pretty in itself, but it is slightly annoying that the evening starts already at 5.30. That's one thing I love about summer. The day is so much longer and therefore you are capable of doing so much more.

I love the Midsummer time, when the sun only sets around eleven. The lovely thing is that I seem to be able to do that these days: close my eyes, I mean, and be there again, back in the summer, sitting outside the summer cabin and watching the sun set behind the lake. The sauna hasn't cooled down yet, the lake is still and everything is peaceful and beautiful. The dog may be still looking for her toys, but even she is starting to slow down. I have plans for that place, I do. And the house. Plans I do have.

Jep, there is nothing like summer.

Argh again, but the thought of summer is getting me also a little stressed. I need to get the dissertation finished before summer, because there is no way I'm going to waste any of my summer working. The Finnish Summer is short as a fly's eyelash and one has more important things to do during the summer - like living. Enjoying life.

Let's not think about that now. Breath out. Relax. Empty your thoughts. It's still weekend and during the weekend we do not let thoughts of work enter our mind.

Even thought it isn't summer, I have still enjoyed life today. I went out for a walk and came back a wee bit wet, but still in good spirits. As for the rest of the day, I've been sitting in the hall of a medievalish castle and listened to discussions about games of Vilonia. Isn't fiction fun? Isn't writing divine? Am I starting to repeat myself?

Porkyish pink has disappeared now and nothing but blackness stares at me from the windows.

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