marraskuuta 06, 2007


I returned the argumentation book today and started to insert the notes I had taken. I think I may have finally figured out the way to make decent notes – well, alright, they are still on a very motley collection of bits and pieces of paper, but at least they are rather easy to turn into sensible sentences in the dissy.

I had written more than one page by ten o’clock, quite reasonable stuff too and was feeling quite pleased with myself. I like doing research on days like these. I even started positively drooling over some books. Not my own, but the girl’s next door. There they were on the shelf and I just had to go finger them a little. Books about medieval rituals, kiss of peace and trials by ordeal... Damn, did they look good.

I continued with the Kolloquium-paper, even if it didn't progress quite as speedily anymore. I also promised F that I would give a presentation in Copenhagen. I had originally informed him that I wouldn't, but had at the same time promised to come up with something in case they were short of presentations. And since they were... Well, it's fate and one can't fight fate.

I'll use the part of the Kolloquium-paper, which is about argumentation and they just have to be happy with it. If it's bollocks, then it is bollocks. It's not like I haven't given bad presentations before. No-one remembers presentations anyway, plus if one doesn't know the subject well then it doesn't necessarily sound like bollocks, even though it is. Not to mention the fact that what one likes is so bloody subjective. Some of the presentations that I have liked the most have not appealed to others at all and vice versa. And some people have even asked me to send them my paper after some of my most horrible presentations. Strange.

It's always just as impossible to know what people find interesting. I remember some presentations by other people in different conferences that I thought were really fascinating and they created no discussion at all. One or two questions out of sheer politeness and that was it. And then some totally dried up boringly idiotic subject (imagine details of taxation law or some equally ridiculous thing) and they just talk, talk, talk... Impossible to know.

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