syyskuuta 12, 2007

Again work related....

I love Bernhard Diestelkamp. Truly. I found this wonderful article by him (Die Durchsetzung des Rechtsmittels der Appellation im weltlichen Prozeβrecht Deutschlands), which I seriously should have read already six years ago.

He explains so beautifully in just two pages some very elementary things about the old "dinggenossenschatlich" jurisdiction and the difference between turning to an higher authority in the old system and the actual Appellation. Considering the topic of my dissertation these are the sort of basic "2 + 2 = 4" -type of things that one should really know by heart. I on the other hand have somewhere along the way made the mistake of starting right away with the higher mathematics. If you can't count 2 + 2, how on earth are you supposed to understand how derivation works? No wonder I've gotten so insanely frustrated sometimes.

I have to read a one or two of his other stuff in case he explains a few more elementary things. He writes such beautiful and simple language too, he does. Unlike Jürgen Weitzel, who has written a huge number of books that I really have to read. I'm not at all looking forward to that though, since his way of writing is totally impossible. Insane sentence structures and such language. If you are into science, where you job is to spread knowledge, you don't play with the language like that. That is for fiction, that is.

Weitzel's article was one of those that drove me insane last week. He writes basically of extremely interesting things, but the language... One of his books was the first one I ever tried reading in German a few years ago. It took me honestly an hour to read through two pages and I am not kidding or over-exaggerating here one single bit. Based on last week's experience I may have to start translating again when I finally gather the courage to pick up his works. Unlike Diestelkamp where I thus far have had to look up only one single word per five pages. Why can't they all write like him?

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