syyskuuta 11, 2007

Old sagas are so interesting

Hehe, always believe horoscopes. That is the lesson of today.

I'm seriously loving being a researcher again - at the moment. Due to the whole discpline and "fix things or they will become much more messier" commands of the horoscope I outlined a scheme, rough chapters, for the dissertation and then started reading through the whole thing. I decided to make things a bit simpler, because otherwise I would never have gotten anywhere. Those slightly perfectionistic tendencies of mine, you know.

But it is just possible that there may be beauty in simplicity.

I love this phase of the research, when things are slowly starting to make some sense. I remember loving it when I was finishing the master's thesis and the licentiate thesis.

I'm not sure whether it means that I am cut out to be a researcher though. If it always means years of agony for a few months of clarity, then it isn't for me.

I'll go back to it now. And then later today I'll start writing fiction. After I've gone out for a walk, since for a change the sun is actually shining.

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