syyskuuta 16, 2007

Summery days

How wonderful is summer. The weather continued great today, it was possibly even better than yesterday. According to the internet weather reports it was 23 degrees during the day and I have no reason to doubt that.

I went out earlier to visit this big city forest in the south part of Frankfurt. It's big; it's beautiful. I had a book, I had something to eat. I had jeans and a top on and it was hot. Those are ingredients for good things. Being able to sit outside and not be cold is one of life's great pleasures. If I said that already yesterday, then it is worth repeating. One of the great pleasures.

I am so going to get spoiled here and get used to a wonderful weather. Even thinking about the Finnish weather makes me shiver. Wääähhhhh...

Yup, but the food is starting to smell really good in the oven, so I think I'll go and eat now.

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