syyskuuta 01, 2007


The house looks like a mess. I've started the packing, but have mostly only succeeded in throwing out half of my clothes. Which pleases me to no end, since I have far too many clothes. And now luckily quite a number less of those, which I never use anyway.

I also have a new pair of shoes. I like walking and I'm planning to get to know one or two parts of Frankfurt by taking nice long walks there. It seems that in addition to the river there are lots of very beautiful parks and other natury-type areas around. I'm very much looking forward to that. It also pleases me that in Frankfurt it is as warm in September as here in August, as warm in October as here in September and so on. Some sunshine to look forward to!

What I find less pleasing are the types of shoes that are sold to women. I wanted something that would look nice, be comfortable to walk in and would not cost the world. So I went looking for something like sneaker type of walking shoes. And what do I find? All women's shoes of that type are either white, red, ultra silvery or have very strange pink lines all over. In a word they are pretty damn princessy. If one wants plain, simple, black-greyish, yet fairly elegant walking shoes one is in trouble. Unless....da-daa... one goes to check men's shoes. They make so much more beautiful shoes for men. I've noticed that before, but have not drawn the proper conclusions before today. Which is that if they make more beautiful shoes for men, BUY men's shoes! Which is what I ended up doing.

We have then also switched to Digi-TV today. The analogical side still functions too, since I live in a cable household. There were still differences though: the digi insisted on giving the radio channels to me instead of TV and a number of new channels had appeared. Channels, which are not supposed to be free, so I'm wondering what that is all about.

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