syyskuuta 28, 2007

Musik und Literatur

I decided to buy tickets to the Subway to Sally concert too. They are playing near here in November and I'm really liking what I'm hearing. Medievalish Metal or some such thing. I was never good with labeling musical genres. Who cares what it is called as long as it sounds good, right?

I finished reading the dissertation today. I threw away ten pages more and came to the conclusion that the final 150 pages or so really are an incredible mess. I have to come up with some magical trick that allows me to turn them into something faintly resembling sensible. It also has to be something that can be done quickly. No one reads dissertations anyway. And if the next book I want to write has more to do with the mystical, magical fantasy worlds of the ancient Rhuathia then it hardly matters anyway what this one turns out to be like.

Currently listening to: Subway to Sally - Die Ratten

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