syyskuuta 19, 2007

I went for a nice long walk

I am making pasta. I read through all my entries here a few weeks ago and noticed that I had promised already a couple of years ago to learn how to cook. I never did, so now my repertoire is a bit limited.

I've also managed to read through the first 175 pages of my dissertation now. I've thrown away some 20 pages and by some miracle I still have about the same amount of pages as I did before I started the pruning. It's weird. I guess it eventually adds up when one adds a paragraph there and another here to explain what all of these things are actually doing in the manuscript.

The first 130 pages or so were relatively easy, since I've gone through and polished that part at least five times now. But I've never touched this latter part so we'll see how that turns out.

I did the first forty pages today and I sort of got them to make sense, but only by twisting the question around. Now they are tied to the original question, which isn't so interesting. At least it isn't all that interesting anymore after seven years. If I do become a researcher after all, I will never ever spend seven years doing the same thing anymore. Not that it is even possible.

The pasta was good by the way. Olives and onions with tomato and basil sauce - very yummy even if I say so myself. Jup. I think I'll go write now.

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