syyskuuta 04, 2007

Started work

I’m feeling very positive about this German experience today. Especially work wise. My identity as a researcher – which was already lying on its deathbed during this summer – is rapidly recovering. Lawyer I am not, but a researcher I may still want to be. I’ve discovered some nice books – all thanks to P of course. I have that little thingy of Schröder’s in my hands right now and already after one and a half pages I’m feeling terribly motivated again. He’s writing about Justice (Gerechtigkeit), you see. And I think I’ve mentioned before that law as such doesn’t do terribly much for me – that it was justice that lured me into the law faculty in the first place.

Now I have to go and see what Schröder actually wants to say and whether that opens up any new horizons so within the immediate endeavour.

I'll probably get back to you still this evening. I figured out a way to go around this "banning blogger in the rooms" -thingy, you see. I'm assuming that the ban is there for security reasons (to stop viruses from these popular sites etc) and so I just plugged the modem into my own laptop and the whole world is open to me again. I should probably go and ask if it is okay to do that. Or maybe I'll just try to get through that insanely technical "what you cannot do with your computer" paper and if they don't directly say it's verboten....

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