syyskuuta 26, 2007

Music, work and writing

I have to go and buy Apocalyptica's new album, I think. I've been listening to Helden now over and over for two days. It's a David Bowie cover featuring the singer from this German band called Rammstein. Very, very lovely.

Yup, but today I have been working again pretty much all day long - in addition to listening to some music and going out for coffee with J. For a moment there earlier I felt like deleting all of the darling dissertation, since it seemed like such a load of complete bollocks. In the end I only ended up throwing away some fifteen pages, which probably was in a long run a much better solution. I have now gotten rid of altogether nearly 45 pages, but by some miracle I have still got 297 left. I must have created a huge number of new headings, since there is no way I have written nearly forty pages of new stuff.

Still a few more days and then I have gone through all of it for the first time. There is still so much that needs to be added that it's almost scary. I mean, I basically haven't even started going through the most important sources yet! The other solution of course is getting rid of some more stuff; even with the 45 pages thrown away I still have far too many things that just don't want to play with each other like good children. Hmmm, there may actually be a way, even if it does mean throwing a LOT away and writing the beginning anew from a different perspective - once again. Less ambitious, but it would certainly speed things up... Plus didn't I already decide that sometimes there is beauty in simplicity.

Jep, hmmm, just thinking out loud here. I really have to think about that.

I think I'll stop working now. It is already eight o'clock and I think I want to write some. I abandoned my story that I started two weeks ago and started a new one on Sunday. One has to know when to kill one's darlings after all. This one is more fantasy-based, since I realised that I have to write what I want - not what I think I should. I have eight pages already and it flows so much better than the earlier one.

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