syyskuuta 29, 2007

Artsy stuff

It was too gray and cold today to go exploring new towns, so I went to the art museum instead. It was perhaps a bit smaller than I had thought, but there were some great pieces there: lovely portraits and landscapes by the usual old names and a few really nice ones by Emil Schumacher, who definitely knew how to use colours.

On my way to the museum I saw a nice little flea market. Germans seem to be crazy for flea markets and fairs and street festivals. I run into one nearly every time I just step out of the house. Lot's of the vendors do come from somewhere else though. One of them took me for a Russian and called "Good day" in Russian after me. One of the very few things I still remember in Russian.

And now, if you'll pardon me, I have to finish my game of solitaire.

Currently listening to: Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People

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