syyskuuta 12, 2007

Very happy today

I've had a wonderful day. Work continued as good as it just possible to be and then - around fivish - I went out because I needed to see some life around me.

I had thought about finding a cafe somewhere and sitting around for a bit. Before I found a nice looking place though, I found something even better. A small Alsatian fair with a band playing French music, tables under a big canopy and people selling Alsatian wine, food and delicacies.

It looked perfect, so I bought myself a café-au-lait (yeah, I know, I don't really drink coffee, but sometimes one has to try new things) and a good looking pastry, which didn't taste too bad either.

The French - or possibly Alsatian - band kept playing and a woman with a beautiful voice was singing chansons. I ate my pastry and then decided to do some writing.

I started a new story yesterday and continued with it today. It was so much fun. I sat there, listening to the music, the tourists and locals laughing around and wrote and wrote and wrote. I think I was there for almost an hour and a half.

I made a resolution yesterday to write fiction from now on every day. It can be just a few lines if I don't have the time for more, but at least something. I think today I could add to it the resolution of trying to do that on a regular basis somewhere in public - in cafés, parks, restaurants...

I think I've mentioned before that writing is something I really love to do. That if I ever won the lottery and didn't need to worry about the paychecks...

But who knows. If I do write every day then in a year I could easily have five hundred pages written, even a thousand. When writing the dissertation even one page is often just beyond pain, but when doing fiction pages sometimes just float out of nowhere. Of course some of it is always crap and would end up deleted in the final phase, but...who knows. Maybe practice does make the master and one beautiful day I have something that could be out there for people to read. Perhaps not, but I suppose it isn't the main point either. The point is that writing makes me happy.

It was really so good. Sitting under the maple trees and just letting your pen fly.

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